Risks Near Busy Roads

More affordable housing can sometimes be found along high traffic routes such as freeways, expressways, and other higher speed streets. What are the health, safety, and other risks near busy roads?

Risks near busy roads graphic - city street with cars and a bus driving fast.

Resale Risks

A house on a high-traffic street may sell well when the inventory is low, but in a buyer’s market with lots of competition, real estate listings with location issues may be very difficult to sell.

How busy is too busy? It’s not black and white, it’s increasing shades of gray. Best for resale (and many other causes for concern) is a quiet residential street, of course. At the other end of the spectrum is being directly on a fast moving, heavily used highway. If you make use of Google’s street view, you can see the speed limit if posted, or if there’s a double yellow line down the middle, or if it’s 2 lanes in each direction.

Practical Considerations and Safety

Obviously, being directly on a boulevard can mean that practically, it’s hard to back your car out of the driveway in the morning. Traffic headaches can mean leaving or getting back home may be delayed during certain times of the day.