Is your lender keeping your offer from getting accepted?

Silicon Valley Home Seller Offer Elimination List It’s a red hot seller’s market in Silicon Valley right now, meaning that there are more buyers hunting for just the right property than there are listings available.  The end result is multiple offers, bidding wars, pre-emptive offers and rapidly escalating real estate prices in many areas and segments of the market.

When there are lots and lots of bids on a San Jose area home for sale, what do home sellers do?  Most of the time, sellers begin with an “elimination list”.  That is, they start by deciding what they do not want to deal with. The more offers there are, the more critical this becomes since sellers normally don’t love the idea of reading 10 or more stacks of offers.  (Remember, the confused mind says no!)

Sellers need to simplify their choices, and one of them is by eliminating the worst offers first.  A question for you to consider, if you’re a home buyer in Los Gatos, Saratoga, Campbell or anywhere in Silicon Valley is this: is your lender keeping your offer from getting accepted?  Does your lender make your offer worse to the seller? Sometimes that is exactly the case.

In some cases, certain banks or even credit unions are falling into the “elimination” list for some sellers as their agents may have advised them those lending institutions are slow or difficult.  Most of the time, these are the big banks – the ones that REO or short sale listing agents are demanding that consumers use for a pre-approval for submitting offers: (more…)