Home seller’s remorse

Unhappy houseEveryone’s heard of home buyer’s remorse.  The same phenomena happens with sellers sometimes, too: seller’s remorse.  Incredible as it may seem to Silicon Valley home buyers, this can happen even in a strong seller’s market!  In fact, the remorse experienced seems to have little to do with the market conditions at that moment.

Seller’s remorse has everything to do with expectations.  Seller’s remorse comes from unrealistic expectations.  It also comes from agreeing to a list price which is less than what that seller will really accept when offers are presented. Sometimes it’s an “over the cubicle wall” event, when all’s fine until people not involved with the transaction undermine the seller’s confidence by saying “you sold for too little” or “you sold too fast” or other critical comments.

What happens when seller’s remorse makes an appearance? (more…)