First Time Home Buyers In Silicon Valley: What is That?

A few months back I had a Silicon Valley first time home buyer who was viewing & assessing homes; she asked me what the metallic “thing” was on top of some homes. Being from a newer community in Southern California, she had never seen them before. After a bit of dialogue, I realized she was talking about antennae.

Wheneever I have new home buyers, there are always components in houses for sale (or condos or townhomes) which need explaining. There are so many things which Silicon Valley home owners take for granted as known and understood, but sometimes they aren’t so obvious to new home buyers. So today I’ll share a few photos and simply explain what each is.

Ever see one of these (photo below) protruding from a garage on your way up to a front door? It’s the dryer vent!


Dryer vent

How about this next photograph – a funny hole with a wire or wooden opening at the base of the home out into the yard?