Silly Stuff You See In Homes: One Example

I see a lot of “silly stuff” in homes.  I have seen kitchens with mirrored glass cabinets, pools that were not removed at all but simply filled in with dirt and grass (so it still LOOKS like a pool), strange colored interior décor, impractical ideas and oddities all around.

Today I chuckled to again see something that looked useful but simply wasn’t.  I was showing  a San Jose house  and appreciated the abundance of windows there.

When we got upstairs, I had a look at the clerestory windows at the top.  They were in no way easily accessible from below but instead would require the use of a very, very tall ladder. Incredulously,  I saw that the windows had blinds which are manually operated.

Who’s going to go all the way up there to open and close those things? What were they thinking?