Stress and real estate sales and purchases: as much as possible, don’t sweat the small stuff

Photo of Walden Pond and the words "Real estate stress can be helped by knowing what to expect"Buying and selling residential real estate, particularly the place where you have been living or will be living, is extremely stressful, even under the best of circumstances, such as when the reason for selling or buying is happy. (This is less true for investment property, at least for most people.)   It’s even tougher if there’s a serious illness, suicide, death, divorce, unwanted relocation or some other cause that is not of one’s own choosing.   Or if selling when the market is down and home values are falling, as they were doing in 2008.

Stress can be helped tremendously by knowing roughly what to expect and then accepting it.  Certain things tend to happen when buying or selling a home.  Things aren’t going to be perfect or 100% predictable every inch of the way, but if the buyer wants to buy and the seller wants to sell, most of the time we can get to closing without too many bumps and bruises.

Although most Realtors who want to show your home to their clients or preview your property will be very polite, request the time via the proper channels and will be respectful in your house and while locking up, unfortunately a few are just not as professional.  It is annoying, but almost without fail something will go wrong when a whole lot of people (Realtors and others) come through your house or condo.  Some agents will just knock at your door without an appointment.  Some will fail to lock up 100%.  Some may forget to wipe or remove their shoes or follow some other request (such as not entering a garage or particular room).  Sometimes agents simply mess up (or their clients do, or members of the public coming in at an open house). On very rare occasion, personal items will be disturbed.  Recently at a client’s home something was broken.  I’m sure it was inadvertent, but it was upsetting to my sellers. (more…)