What Should You Expect When House-Hunting?

Door knockerThe weekend has rolled around and you are scheduled to see a few homes with your Realtor. What should you expect when house-hunting?

Hopefully, the home will be clean, pleasant, and viewing it will be relatively stress-free.   Most of the time, the sellers will not be home and you’ll be free to walk through the property and mentally “try out” the space. How does it feel? Will your furniture fit? Does it work with the way you live?

Sometimes, though, sellers either can’t be gone or don’t understand that it’s best if they can be absent for the viewing. If they sit outside or otherwise give you some space, it should be fine.  If they hover, you may get the creeps and want to rush through the house or condo and make a quick exit.

Realtors who’ve been in the business awhile all have stories of what they’ve seen or experienced in a home for sale: stepping in dog droppings, naked homeowners, people in bed, pets who are scary or smelly (a little boy once shoved a baby snake in my face!), residents who are hostile, crazy decor, strange messes, intimates lying around, boudoir photography or other embarrassing decor, bad smells, a huge amount of religious imagery or items for worship, hoarding, or any number of strange and possibly unnerving things.

Luckily, these events are the minority. Most of the time, when a home is for sale in Silicon Valley, it’s clean and well presented.  Just be aware that almost anything can happen. So be sure that your agent rings the doorbell, knocks, and pauses before rushing in – even if there’s an appointment.  Better to take your time then see more than you bargained for!  And pay close attention when walking through homes!

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