Camden Community Center in San Jose’s Cambrian Park Neighborhood

The Camden Community Center is located in the Cambrian Park area of San Jose, close to the intersection of Camden and Union Avenues (SJ 95124).  This may be the most under-appreciated recreation venue in Silicon Valley, so I wanted to give it a plug!

Stop by and you’ll find that it is a fabulous resource whether you want to work out daily, rent a room for a big party, sign up for a class, walk your dog (just cleanup after!)  or attend a community event.  My kids took “hula dancing” there when they were very young, amongst other things, and a year or two ago we visited to catch a travelling exhibit about colons. (There was a giant plastic model of one which you could walk through. Yes, really.)

The sprawling campus sports nice, newer buildings, an indoor pool, a huge grassy field, a playground, attractive landscaping and plenty of parking – it is a pleasant place in which to spend some time.  It’s also home to some funky art – a giant metal sculpture of a hand (and a hand inside another one) as if to wave hello.  (Maybe the same artist decorated the outside of the parking garage at the San Jose Mineta International Airport?).

When & where?

Open daily except Sunday, so stop by and check out the offerings. The center is located at 3369 Union Avenue, just off Camden (and behind the Lucky’s shopping center). Telephone 408 559-8553.  If you’re travelling by bus, you’ll want to use the 37 or 62 lines.  Open Monday through Friday 8:30am to 8pm, Saturdays 9am to 1pm.



Check out all of the offerings at the Camden Community Center’s website.