Top Places to Work in the Bay Area 2010: Sereno Group Ranked # 1

Top Places to Work in the Bay Area ranks Sereno as #1 for 2010The “Top Places to Work in the Bay Area 2010” has named Sereno Group as #1 for companies of its size (they ranked companies by small, medium and large sizes – 60 firms are named in all) . With about 130 people on staff and working as real estate agents, Sereno Group is considered a small size company.  We are very proud to be listed as top in our group!  We are also proud to be the only residential real estate brokerage on any of the three lists. Congratulations to all the winners!

The “Top Places to Work” list comes as a result of an annual survey done by the Bay Area News Group (community papers).




What Do Silicon Valley Real Estate Agents Do?

If you live in Silicon Valley, you probably know a lot of real estate agents (most of whom are Realtors).   Some of them may have left the industry in the last few years since it’s gotten a lot harder to earn a living in this business.

For those like me who are still successful and committed to selling Silicon Valley homes, work weeks tend to be long (usually at least 6 days), busy and hard.  The general public sometimes thinks that real estate agents just hold open homes on the weekend and do nothing more.  That’s not the case, at least not for successful agents!    Today I wanted to share with my readers how my time is typically spent.  Each day, week and month is unique, but this will give you the general idea of how my work usually breaks down by time commitment per month (the numbers reflect estimated hours per month).




By far the biggest identifiable part of my time is emailing with my current clients: answering emails, researching or answering their questions, looking homes up on the MLS for them, providing insights on pricing or comps, commenting on inspections, etc. Most days it’s much more than 2 hours if a buyer or seller is about to write or receive an offer.  By the end of an escrow, it’s not uncommon for me to have several hundred emails going back and forth in the file.