In the last few weeks, I have been very busy with Silicon Valley home buyers and on average am writing at least two offers per week.  Most of the time, the listing agent requests that the offers be faxed or emailed in.

Why do so many listing agents do this? It’s faster, it’s more expedient. But it may not give you all the information you need to know if you’re a seller (or a seller’s agent).

This week, I had the pleasure of twice being able to present an offer “in person”. In the first case I presented my contract to both the listing agent and her clients at the agent’s Cupertino office.  In the second I met with the listing agent at the home my buyers were bidding on in San Jose’s Cambrian Park (the seller is out of the area).  We got into contract on the first and are waiting to hear on the second.  Both were multiple offer situations (one with 6 offers, the other other 5 bids).

By presenting in person, the agents can get additional information, ask questions, and lots more.  They can also size up each other, get a sense if they could work together and whether the other agent is competent, for instance.  In some cases, a personal meeting may leave the seller or listing agent uncomfortale. With mutliple offer situations, this is huge.  The “red flag” may be there in person but not via email.

My hat is off to all the good real estate agents in Santa Clara County who slow down long enough to meet with the Realtors or real estate licensees who have taken the time to draft an offer on their listings.  Professionalism like that is to be respected and appreciated. I know it matters to me!





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