The Ranch on Silver Creek is a newer subdivision in the Evergreen area of San Jose with the 95138 zip code (that zip code is shared with part of South San Jose on the valley floor). It enjoys a lovely knoll top location – and recently I flew over it and grabbed a nice image to share with my readers here:


Aerial view of The Ranch on Silver Creek

Aerial view of The Ranch on Silver Creek (taken by MPH in January 2019)

What is the neighborhood like on The Ranch on Silver Creek?

Mediterranean or contemporary style homes were built there between 2003 and 2006 – which makes them practically “brand new” by Silicon Valley real estate standards! The community is set around a golf course & clubhouse and is nestled in the hills such that there are many different views available from one area to the next without leaving the neighborhood. Many San Jose area home buyers strongly prefer newer homes in newer communities, rather than a remodeled home in an older neighborhood, and this area will certainly fill that requirement. It’s a tidy area with sidewalks which invite a comfortable stroll to discover the sights.


Evergreen The Ranch view of Downtown San Jose

In Evergreen: The Ranch on Silver Creek’s view of Downtown San Jose

What are homes like at The Ranch?

There are a few hundred homes, so there’s quite a bit of variety there.  Entry level townhomes are nice, but fairly modest, and at the other end of the spectrum there are estate quality properties on large view lots.

Houses range from about 2,000 square feet to more than 4,000 square feet. The tiniest parcels or lots are less than 4,000 SF and are townhomes or town houses, and the largest homes, generally, sit on land sized between 1/3 and 1/2 acre (though most are not so big).

Many houses are 2 stories, but there’s a fair number of single story homes, too. Most properties include an attached 2 car garage.

High ceilings, open floor plans, plenty of windows with lots of natural light are all typical here at the Ranch.

As with most newer construction, these houses are built on slab foundations.


Evergreen the Ranch subdivision 1

Evergreen the Ranch subdivision 1


What does it cost to buy a house at The Ranch?  How’s the real estate market?

Homes in the area are currently selling from over $1 million to more than $3 million, depending on the home and lot size, the view, the condition of course, and other factors.

The real estate market at The Ranch in Silver Creek is similar to the Evergreen market generally. You can read the Evergreen Real Estate Market Report here.

The Ranch neighborhood was very hard hit during the downturn, and has recovered more slowly than most of the west valley communities. It may be possible to purchase a short sale, foreclosure, or other distressed property at the Ranch while that would be nearly impossible in Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, or Almaden. While most houses in Silicon Valley are selling for a little more than list price, the odds are good that you can buy one at the Ranch for a little under list price. (That’s less true with the most affordable homes- in that price point, you’ll probably face multiple offers and over bids, as you would in many other areas.)

There is a home owner’s association and a related fee, the cost of which is related to the size of home & lot purchased.

Below: views looking toward the Evergreen hills from one of the hilltops in The Ranch


Evergreen the Ranch panorama of view

Evergreen’s the Ranch on Silver Creek panorama of view


And a little to the right of this photo, the view looks like this:


The Ranch on Silver Creek in the Evergreen area of San Jose: beautiful views

The Ranch on Silver Creek in the Evergreen area of San Jose: beautiful views


Browse Evergreen real estate listings and homes for sale HERE.


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