Los Gatos and Saratoga, CAMoney Magazine’s 25 Top Earning Towns list (of residents with the highest median incomes) included three of our prized Silicon Valley communities: Saratoga (ranked #4), Los Altos (ranked #6) and Los Gatos (ranked #19). That’s quite a show! Of course, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the highest standard of living, as our real estate is quite pricey here, particularly in those three areas. (Monte Sereno isn’t mentioned, possibly because of its smaller size. If Almaden Valley were its own town, it probably would have made the list too.)

What do these three areas have in common, besides attracting high earners?

All have excellent public schools, scenic beauty, and low crime. Each one has a vibrant downtown area and a sense of community identity with festivals and events happening throughout the year. All of them have a history connected to the orchards, vineyards, and agriculture of days past and even today tend to have a lot of trees and open spaces. You can find wineries in or near each of them too, and farmer’s markets are found in each community also. All are nestled into the western foothills of Silicon Valley.

They are all unique, of course, with pros and cons depending on your own focus for commute, amenities, and even weather (Los Altos is closer to the bay and a little cooler than Los Gatos). If you want to go to San Francisco frequently, Los Altos will be more convenient. If you want to go to Santa Cruz and Monterey more often, Los Gatos will be closer.