The Villa Cambrian neighborhood in San Jose enjoys direct access to Hogue Park with its many amenities and enormous lawn. It also offers great proximity to major commute routes, shopping, employment centers, doctor and dental offices, bus routes, Harker preschool, and just about everything else. This subdivision stretches from Union Avenue on the east to Houge Park on the west an runs along Barrett Avenue and includes a few other streets, including part of Esther Drive. The area near the park is generally referred to as the Parker area.


Map of the Villa Cambrian area in San Jose


There are 153 ranch style houses in the Villa Cambrian subdivision, which were built between 1960 and 1965. They range in size from 1222 SF to 2800 SF, and most homes  are around 1222 -1457 square feet. The lots or parcels run from the smallest size of 5509 SF to more than 10,000 SF; most are less than 7000 SF, though.

Something unique and much appreciated by privacy lovers: all but 1 are single story houses.

Cambrian home buyers are drawn to this Parker neighborhood for many reasons, among them these:

  • very tidy neighborhood, most homes are well-kept
  • fantastic Union schools (Carlton, Union, and Leigh)
  • the close proximity of Houge Park
  • the ease of getting onto either Highway 85 or Highway 17
  • the convenience of nearby shopping, too (at Camden and Union, especially)
  • especially accessible to Harker’s preschool and to Xilinx

Perhaps most of all, this little pocket seems to be more affordable than many areas with the same schools. It appears to be a good opportunity for the money.  I suspect it’s a little less costly because the schools are not as close as some parents would prefer.


Villa Cambrian - Parker area home


What does it cost to buy a home in Villa Cambrian or the Parker area of Cambrian?

In general, as of Feb 2021, most homes are selling between around $1,400,000 to $1,700,000.


Villa Cambrian - Parker house


Every area has some challenges.  What are they here?

Some homes may be really close to either Highway 85, which can be noisy (and there may be health risks associated with being too close to highways or busier streets). The preschool is adjacent, too, but I have not heard any noise from there on my many visits to the neighborhood, so not sure that’s a negative at all.

Structurally, the houses were built with acoustic or “popcorn” ceilings, which today’s buyers don’t love (however they are not hard to remove if you do it before moving in). Some homes have Zincsco electric panels, which many home owners may have replaced (and if not, a new buyer may want to do that).

Check out the current market in the Cambrian area in the listings below:


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