Los Gatos is a charming town at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains that features a good amount architectural beauty in commercial and residential buildings (and natural beauty too, as the town’s backdrop is the coastal foothills).

Today we’ll have a look at some of the diverse types of architecture seen in Los Gatos homes. There are many neighborhoods built out by many different builders within the town (and in county pockets). Each one has its own personality and “feel”. Many of the town’s residential areas have ranch style homes that are 30 – 50 years old, but certainly not all of Los Gatos can be described that way. What types of houses does Los Gatos have? It really depends on the neighborhood and age of the area or development – and, to an extent, on the owners and how they care for the home. Here, then, is a “sampling” of architectural styles found in the homes of Los Gatos.

The Almond Grove District is one of the oldest parts of Los Gatos and it features many lovely Victorian homes, some craftsman and a smattering of everything else. It’s a fabulous place to see at any time of the year, but especially in October or December, when the area seems to go all out in decorating for the holidays. This neighborhood is located near Los Gatos – Saratoga Road and N. Santa Cruz Avenue, and includes streets such as Almendra, Massol, Tait, and Bean. (And yes, it was once a grove of almond trees.)

Almond Grove House

And here’s a lovely Craftsman style home just touching the Almond Grove area:


Los Gatos Home

Close in age and location to the Almond Grove District, the Edelen District of Los Gatos also features gorgeous, and beautifully tended, Victorians. The Edelen District is close to Old Town Los Gatos, which is found on University Avenue near Main Street, and encompasses much of the area between University Avenue and the freeway.


Edelyn side view


The homes on Broadway mark the first subdivision in Los Gatos (and predate the Almond Grove area): imagine that it was a novely to plan real estate growth in town!



Further out from the downtown area of Los Gatos, you’ll find more ranch style homes. Many of the older ones have been expanded, as is the case with this one near downtown (this home was once a cottage of about 800 square feet).

Home on Thurston in Los Gatos - once a small cottage

Surrey Farms is a highly prized Los Gatos neighborhood off of Kennedy Road that is fairly close to town and enjoys lots of 1/3 to 1/2 an acre in general. It was once a horse ranch and the first home on the right side of the subdivision was once the stable! Below see a typical Surrey Farms ranch style home, complete with a hint of a split rail fence.


Green Ranch Home


Also located in Surrey Farms, but seemingly of another time and place, is this gorgeous Spanish style hacienda, which sits on an enormous and tree studded lot. This is one of my favorite homes in Los Gatos – someday, I’d love to see the inside of it!


Spanish style hacienda in Surrey Farms area of Los Gatos


Other styles of homes can be found in Los Gatos too. Here’s a younger home with a contemporary style.


Younger Home

Particularly in the hilly areas of Los Gatos, there are other unique styles of construction to be seen. This hillside home is also somewhat modern in design:



Love beautiful residential architecture? Love Los Gatos? A must-read book is Los Gatos Observed by Alastair Dallas (photos by Peter S. Conrad). It’s a wonderfully interesting and engaging handbook on Los Gatos and its historic buildings. You can find it at Border’s in Old Town Los Gatos or order a used copy on Amazon (they don’t seem to have any new ones available).





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