Ever wonder which school a property is assigned to for the students that live here?  The boundaries, especially in larger districts such as San Jose Unified, can be hard to figure out.   In the Almaden Valley area of San Jose, for instance, some parents really want to make sure that their kids attend Leland High School rather than Pioneer (or Leigh or Branham or Los Gatos High – there are so many schools represented in Almaden!), for instance.

Until recently, you had to go to the Santa Clara County Office of Education’s website to see which high school and elementary/middle school district you would be in.  I will post many of those below. From there you had to enter your address to see the specific schools. After that, you had to go to another site entirely to get the API scores.

Now, however, some smart people have done a mashup of addresses, school scores and API scores.  I like this site so well that I’m advertising in a couple of zip codes (that’s my disclaimer).  Check it out:


Or you can do it the slower way – visit the school district sites below!

There’s a “school finder” link that you will find very helpful:

San Jose Unified:  http://www.schvision.com/schoolfinder2/SJUSD/

Cupertino Union School District:


Fremont Union High School District (Cupertino and nearby): http:/)/www.schvision.com/schoolfinder2/FUHSD/default.asp

East Side Union High School District: http://www.schvision.com/schoolfinder2/ESUHSD/default.asp

Campbell Union School District: http://www.schvision.com/schoolfinder/CampbellUSD/
Campbell High School boundary map:


Berryessa Union School District: http://www.schvision.com/schoolfinder2/BerryessaUnionSD/default.asp?1569Nav=%7C&NodeID=1117

Moreland School District boundaries map:


To find more, see the Santa Clara County Office of Education’s website: